The Need Not Greed campaign is made up of coalition members who seek to move more people out of cash-in-hand work and into formal paid work. We are actively lobbying MP’s and government departments to address problems in the Benefits system.  The Need NOT Greed coalition is made up of large national organisations and local grassroots organisations who share the same goal of ending the need for cash-in-hand work.

We seek to build on our network of political bodies, NGO’s, grassroots organisations and individuals who have experience or understanding of poverty and working cash-in-hand.

As a coalition member you can:

  • Openly support and promote the Need Not Greed Campaign on your website, at events and in consultations/meetings.
  • Bring poverty and cash-in-hand work to the attention of DWP and HMRC Ministers and hold meetings on benefit and tax reform. Highlight the potential of harnessing the informal economy in reaching Child Poverty and Employment targets.
  • Ask MPs to raise political debate via Parliamentary Questions and Early Day Motions, outlining a specific proposal for people working informally out of need. Use this opportunity to demand an appropriate strategy based on the campaigns recommendations. Organise/use existing poverty All Party Parliamentary Groups to discuss the policy proposals and invite people with first hand experience to contribute to discussions.
  • Contribute to the DWP Green Paper consultations, by recommending incentives targeted at cash-in-hand workers and refer to the recommendations in the Need NOT Greed Campaign formal response.