How media coverage affects people in poverty

Much of the media coverage of those experiencing poverty is negative, which we believe contributes to keeping people poor. On the other hand, there is great potential for media coverage that reflects the actual situations people find themselves in. The Need NOT Greed campaign are keen to work with the media in listening to and reflecting people’s real experiences.

Although Public attitudes cannot be attributed to the influence of mass media, is is important to acknowledge the media’s pivotal role in responding to and reinforcing public ideas about poverty

Joseph Rowntree Foundation, September 2008

“More effective commuications are needed to build greater support amongst the general public for efforts to reduce poverty and inequality”

UKCAP Communicating Poverty Report

 “Negative attitudes towards people experiencing poverty become embedded in society”.

Ruth Lister, Professor of Social Policy

“The biggest enemy we have is ignorance, we are completely dis-empowered, and language needs to be about solidarity, not about us and them”

Kathy Kelly family activist – ATD Fourth World