Need not Greed is a coalition of charities making it easier for people to move off benefits, into work, and out of poverty. In particular, we challenge a system which forces people in poverty to work cash-in-hand. From experience we know most people do so out of need, not greed.

We campaign around three issues: reforming the benefits system to remove the barriers to work; enabling people to move from informal to formal work; and showing decision-makers and the public that people usually work cash-in-hand because they need to, to make ends meet.

The campaign is run by east London charity Community Links, who have spent many years working with people struggling to get off benefits, and have conducted extensive research into the informal economy.

We always welcome support from new organisations or individuals. As an individual you can campaign with us , and we’d be very grateful if you were willing to share your story.

Our vision

To eliminate the need for cash-in-hand work and to help people make the transition into formal paid work and out of poverty.